Itachi Uchiha

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BirthdayJune 9
Height(175 cm)
Weight125.5 lbs (57 kg)
HomeAkatsuki (organization)
Ninja ClassN/A
TechniquesMangekyo Sharingan, Tsukuyomi
BioItachi is Sasuke's older brother, and the person Sasuke has vowed to kill if it costs him his life. Itachi is a genius ninja who learned powerful ninjutsu at an early age. Sasuke was always following in his footsteps, and their father always favored Itachi. Itachi seemed to be a caring older brother in Sasuke's eyes, however one night Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan, including their parents. Sasuke was the sole survivor, and it isn't exactly explained why Itachi spared Sasuke's life.

Itachi is a member of Akatsuki, a very evil and powerful organization that seeks to disrupt the balance of power between the great nations. Itachi can use a powerful illusion technique (genjutsu) thanks to his Mangekyo Sharingan, which is a more powerful version of the Sharingan that Sasuke and Kakashi have. He is also an all around excellent ninja, and is skilled in hand-to-hand, throwing, and all sorts of ninjutsu.
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