Kakashi Hatake

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BirthdaySeptember 15
Height5ft 11in (181 cm)
Weight149 lbs (67.5 kg)
CountryCountry of Fire
Ninja ClassJounin
TechniquesSharingan, Chidori, Copy Technique, (Copies and uses any technique)
BioKakashi is the leader of Team 7, also known as Team Kakashi. He is a very intelligent ninja and prefers to use intelligence and cunning in situations rather than brute force. He keeps his left eye covered most of the time, as that is the eye which contains his sharingan. When he is facing a strong oponent, he uncovers the eye in order to read the enemys ninjutsu and copy it.
Kakashi is a light hearted person when not in battle, and prefers to spend time reading romance novels. He is usually late to everything as well, and gives the image that he lives a care-free life.
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