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BirthdayMay 15
Height5ft 6in (167 cm)
Weight134.5 lbs (61 kg)
HomeHidden Village of Sand
CountryCountry of Wind
Ninja ClassGenin
TechniquesPuppet Technique, Puppet Play, Puppet Switch
BioKankuro is Gaara and Temaris brother, and is the middle child. He is a puppet master and uses invisible chakra lines to control two puppets freely. He is not good at hand-to-hand combat, and prefers to keep his opponents at a distance by aggressively attacking with him puppets. His puppet play attack is a combination of his two puppets: One puppet opens up and captures the opponent, while the other breaks into 7 pieces, each with a blade, and shoots into open slots in the other puppet, stabbing the opponent. Kankuro also uses poison on the tips of his blades, so only a scrape is needed to disable the opponent.
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